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(Updated on June XX, 2015)


Welcome to neobroker.ru These Terms of Use describe the terms and conditions applicable to your access and use of the websites at www.neobroker.ru (referred as “Site”).  This document is a legally binding agreement between you as the user(s) of the Sites and the NeoBroker entity listed at the end of the document (referred to as “we”, “our” or “NeoBroker.ru” hereinafter).

1. Application and Acceptance of the Terms

Your use of the Sites and our services, software and products (collectively the as the “Services” hereinafter) is subject to the terms and conditions contained in this document and any other rules and policies of the Sites that NeoBroker may publish from time to time. Limited Liability Company "Business portal NeoBroker.ru." is the owner of the software and NeoBroker.ru trademark

2. Glossary

  •          NeoBroker.ru - a provider of the information services, the use of which is regulated by this document. Web address vary depending on the geographical and linguistic areas: www.neobroker.ru - Russian language, Russian; www.neobroker.cn - Chinese, China; www.neobroker.by - Russian, Belarus, and other linguistic and geographical areas.
  •          Mobile app – mobile version of NeoBroker.ru enabling users to benefit from our functionality of Site on the mobile devices.
  •          Member - any active business (sole proprietorship) which accepted the conditions of this offer and users paid services. Acceptance in mandatory to register and to use our services.
  •          User - any entity (sole proprietorship) that uses the information provided on NeoBroker.ru
  •          Visitor - any person who visited NeoBroker.ru
  •          NeoBroker.ru team - employees of LLC "NeoBroker.ru" administrating NeoBroker.ru and delivering services to the users and visitors.
  •          Message - information transmitted via NeoBroker.ru to the other Users or the NeoBroker.ru.
  •          Contact information - company name, phone number, fax number, mailing address, email address, bank details of the user.
  •          My Account - personal page of the users on NeoBroker.ru, comprising a module to control information and services on the site.
  •          Guidelines - instructions and explanations on how to use the services provided by NeoBroker.ru
  •          Information Services – information products provided by NeoBroker.ru


3.1. The following actions indicate Acceptance of the terms of Use:

3.1.1. Logging in NeoBroker.ru, including through the website and mobile applications;

3.1.2. Sending messages to other users of NeoBroker.ru;

3.2. The following activities are considered to be services regulated by this document which are provided by NeoBroker.ru, including those provided through a website and mobile app:

3.2.1. Submitting information about the Users

3.2.2. Submitting information about the products and “to sell” and “to buy” items;

3.2.3. Exchange messages with other participants.

3.2.4. Access to any information contained on NeoBroker.ru

3.3. Services may be provided to the customers according to the selected information services.

3.4. Provision of other paid services should be covered in the separate agreements, which should comply with this document.

4. Rights and Responsibilities:

4.1. Responsibility of the NeoBroker.ru:

4.1.1. Publish company information, products and services for the pubic use on the web and on the mobile application.

4.1.2. Provide access to information to all interested parties

4.1.3. Provide the opportunity to the users to contact the other user through website and mobile application.

4.1.4. Timely notify the Member of any significant information and events using the email address specified during the registration process.

4.1.5. Provide the users with access to the services of NeoBroker.ru in accordance with the selected information services.

4.1.6. Protect the contact details from the unauthorized use.

4.1.7. Notify the Participant of any significant changes to the information including upcoming removal or amendment of the information.

4.1.8. Ensure the robust operation of all site services and promptly provide advice and explanations. In the unlikely event of unavailability of the services for longer than 24 hours, NeoBroker.ru will extend the lengths of the paid services accordingly.

4.2. NeoBroker.ru rights

4.2.1. Change the information provided by the users to ensure consistency and compliance to the structure and policies of the NeoBroker.ru

4.2.2. Conduct advertising campaigns including using the information provided by the Participant on the other web service providers to attract more customers

4.2.3. If the interest to buy or sell the products or services of the users remains unclaimed for 10 days, NeoBroker.ru shall be entitled to put it in the open access for other users.

4.2.4. Delete information of the users that violate the rules and policies of NeoBroker.ru

4.2.5. Suspend the provision of services in the event of breach of the obligations under paragraph 4.3.

4.2.6. Send to e-mail newsletters and notifications about new services.

4.2.7. Refuse any organization and an individual to use the portal and fee-based services without explanation.

4.3. Member’s Responsibilities

4.3.1. Use NeoBroker.ru in accordance with this document, as well as any other agreements and policies and rules published on NeoBroker.ru

4.3.2. Post only accurate information about products and services, as well as contact information for the organization. Place the information in a timely manner and in accordance with the requirements and the user's personal account.

4.3.3. Inform NeoBroker.ru within three working days of any changes to the contact information by entering information in “My Account” page.

4.3.4. Validate the contact information at the request of NeoBroker.ru, including answering emails and passing authorization procedures.

4.3.5. Do not violate the rights of other users, and not to use NeoBroker.ru to perform any illegal or unethical activity.

4.3.6. Store or not share login details to access the system with any other third parties.

4.3.7. Conduct commercial activities on NeoBroker.ru according to the rules and business ethics.

4.3.8. Pay for use of information services, if so required by the selected information products.

4.4. Member Rights.

4.4.1. Submit, edit and delete information about the products and services related to the Users within rules and policies of NeoBroker.ru and selected information products of NeoBroker.ru

4.4.2. Send messages to other users.

4.4.3. Use all the available services and services within the conditions of this document and rules and policies of NeoBroker.ru.

4.4.4. Consult NeoBroker.ru team on the use of NeoBroker.ru

4.4.5. Terminate the use of the NeoBroker.ru Services.

4.4.6. Require a report on the services provided from NeoBroker.ru.

4.4.7. Request Neobroker.ru to provide the original invoice, certificates and any other documents relating to paid services provided.

4.5. Rights and responsibilities of users and visitors

4.5.1. Users and visitors has the right to read and use information about companies and products on NeoBroker.ru

4.5.2. Users and visitors has the right at any time to pay for services provided by NeoBroker.ru and become a "Member" of NeoBroker.ru.

4.5.3. When interacting with contractors through services NeoBroker.ru users and visitors obliged to comply with the business ethics, and not to carry untargeted messages through the messaging functionality of NeoBroker.ru.

4.5.4. Users and visitors agrees to comply with the rules and policies published on NeoBroker.ru.


5.1. Information about products and services of members will be held one year without the update and can be deleted after that period.

5.2. Submission of information about products and services of the members shall be extended for 1 year in the case of timely payments, updates to the information, with the associated fee when required.

5.3. Information about the Member’s organization will be stored indefinitely on condition of timely update of contact information and information about the range of products.


6.1. NeoBroker.ru is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by users and members of NeoBroker.

6.2. Customers are responsible for the content and completeness of information provided on NeoBroker.ru

6.3. NeoBroker.ru shall not be liable for the consequences arising from publishing documents containing false information provided by users and members.

6.4. Responsibility of any damage caused by the actions of users and members, rest solely with them.

6.5. Parties shall take full responsibility for the actions of employees who have access to communication channels and for the loss of access and passwords to manage information.

6.6. If the site's selected information services paid by the members were not properly agreed with NeoBroker.ru team, it is required to extend the duration of services at the same rate for the same period at the owner’s expense.

6.7. NeoBroker.ru is not responsible in case of a limited or lack of effectiveness of NeoBroker services, arising as a result of incorrect or delayed work with the portal services.

7. Parish notes

7.1. NeoBroker.ru and any parties accepted the conditions of this document fully recognize the validity of texts obtained through electronic communication channels, and accept it having the same judicial validity as the documents executed in writing. Main channel of communication used by NeoBroker.ru is email.

7.2. NeoBroker.ru reserves the right to change this document at its own right. Changes take effect within 5 days of the publication the changes.

7.3. Individual terms of this public contract shall not be changed by the request from users.

7.4. This public contract may be terminated if mutually agreed by the parties. Refunds of the fees paid by the Participant within the selected services can be offered by NeoBroker.ru team on the basis of cost calculation carried out for the services already provided at the time of termination.

7.5. Violation of the terms of this agreement by the Participant implies termination termination of the agreement without any refunds of the fees already paid.

7.6. In case of violation of this agreement by NeoBroker.ru members have the right to terminate the contract and demand full refunds of the services paid.

7.7. The parties have no right to transfer rights and obligations under this Agreement to other third parties

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